Welcome to RussianOptics.net, a site dedicated to covering Russian and former Soviet optics for small arms (and many others).

RussianOptics.net is the result of many years of collecting 'combloc' optics and evaluating their use on AK rifles. For me the optic hobby started in 2005 with a PK-AS, a Kobra and an SLR105 in 5.45x39... I've been intrigued ever since. Each year I've tried to acquire new optics to train with and see what they were all about,  and eventually I began to review them on a few popular AK sites. During 2011 some kind of 'critical mass' with optics was reached and I decided to put my experiences down on paper so to speak  - and the result is this site. 

My primary interest is with modern AK74 and AK100 series optics but we will also cover many of the older Russian and Soviet designs commonly found in the USA, as well as an overview of both traditional and modern mounting solutions. While it will not be possible to cover every optic ever made or every possible way to mount them, I will be adding content and information when possible and I hope this site will continually evolve for many years to come. I'd like to make this a valuable reference site and will try to answer some of the many questions that arise when it comes to AK's and what kind of optic solutions work for them.

I've also not made an effort to cover every possible optic...many of the older SVD optics and related night vision are already well documented on the net, for example on Dragunov.net
. Content in this area will be mostly picture only and I encourage you to visit linked sites to get more detail than I can do here on my site.

I'd to like express special thanks to Tantal of Avtomats In Action, Berg of Dragunov.net, Voron, Miglan-20, LiquidMetal, Forty Creek, AKStuff.com, Eastwave, Bear Optics and Kalinka Optics among others for letting me use pictures and links to their respective sites. The field of Russian optics is much larger than any one person can really tackle and I deeply appreciate the assistance as this site becomes as detailed as it can be.  

RussianOptics.net is dedicated to the AK enthusiast and to anyone who wants to know more about Russian small arms optics. Thank you for taking the time to visit, I hope you find the site educational and informative.


I get asked quite often on what I think the best optics are for the AK. I hope this helps but remember it is my preference, not a final head to head exhaustive analysis. Based on the training classes I have taken and the trigger time with these optics this is where I ended up and what I recommend most.

My favorites in order of what I think are the best:

1P78 Kashtan

Browe BTO or  ACOG TA31GH


1P63 Obzor
1P76 Rakurz

Red Dot:
1P87 / PK120

PK-A Venezuela

Aimpoint T1 / H1

RS-M *** Removed as a favorite 2020 ***

Side Rail for Western or Combloc Optics:
RS Regulate
NPZ and Alpha

Midwest Industries

I've used a variety of optic combinations over the years and with the right mount virtually anything is possible so don't be limited to my list. A big factor in my choices are ease of use and how difficult they are to get used to (since a common complaint about Russian optics is that they are too tall or too offset compared to Western designs). I'm a fan of magnified optics and collimators over red dots which is why I like Obzor and Rakurs so much. Fact is that I don't care much for red dots if I have a chance to use a collimator instead.

One nifty exception is the Aimpoint T1 or an equivalent micro red dot. At 4 ounces the T1 is a handy little package and one that I like quite a bit...perfect on the Ultimak rail or on an AKSU+Stormwerks combo. I do really like the PK01-VS and PKA Venezuela but will still choose Obzor over either if possible.


Coming Soon (MAR2022):
Optics testing with passive shooting under NODs

Coming Soon:

ZenitCo VZOR-1 Red Dot (Has arrived)

Coming Soon:

New BelOMO optics:

CODM2 (Has arrived)

RS-C (Has arrived)
RS-H (Not available 5/22)
SCL100-65 (Not available 5/22)

Still Coming Soon
(I promise):

NPZ PA1/4 Review (Russian Elcan, 2nd version)

Also Still Coming Soon:
ZenitCo Perst IR lasers

Coming Soon:

Kalashnikov USA AK103 review

Featured Rifle:

AK105 night fighting rifle

Featured Rifle:

Kalashnikov USA KR-9

Featured Update:

Featured Optic:
1P87 Red Dot

Featured Optic:

Update to Night Vision with NPZ PN-6K, PN6K-5 and 1PN51

Featured Optic:
NPZ OVU-1 BoreSighter

Featured Optic:

NPZ PKU-2 Micro Red Dot

Featured Optic:

BelOMO PO 4x17
Review by Voron

Kashtan Update: New Version 1P78-1P

Featured Optic:
NPZ PSU 1 or 4x (Russian Elcan)

Featured Optic:
Periscope Red Dots

Featured Optic:

PK01-VS available in the United States

Featured Optic:

OKP-7 Collimator

"This is an optic that I have been wanting to own for many years but have never seen in the States, as far as I can remember anyway. I've seen a number of interesting photos over the years mostly of it being used by Alpha units and..."      read more

Featured Optic:
PK01 Original

Featured Article:

ZenitCo Tactical Accessory Review

Updated: PT-3 stock

"Truth be told I am not all that into tactical gear but I think we've all seen pics floating around of ZenitCo's tactical AK accessories...I've noticed interest building up on forums over the past year or so, myself included. I was able to get my hands on a range of ZenitCo accessories and get some pics.

First impressions are favorable for me... "
read more

Correction to 1P78 Kashtan:

Formerly this was thought to be the RPK74 version based on information listed on NPZ's own website, but after discussing the issue with Tantal of Avtomats In Action it is clear that what we thought was the RPK version was actually the older, original side mount.

While otherwise appearing to be identical, the Kashtan on the right has the older side mount
as shown on NPZ's site above. This was thought to be the RPK version but is in fact the original mount style for all Kashtans, not specifically the RPK.

NPZ's website led to the confusion regarding the supposed RPK version of the Kashtan

New Optic BelOMO PO4x24P-2 (5.45x39)

"Originally only seen in the US as a prototype Weaver mount optic, there are now AK mount versions arriving. I have to say that PO4x24P has instantly become my favorite BelOMO 5.45 optic. Glass quality is as good as PO 3.5x21P but the unit is much lighter and more..."

read more

Russian Obzor in Ukrainian Conflict

PK06 Collimator - Kobra Cousin

From Voron of theakforum.net:
"Its been a little while since I came across any new Russian optics that really caught my attention and stood among local competition. Few weeks ago I received a new Belomo optic called "PK-06" for testing and evaluation..."

Featured Review By Voron
RSRegulate Modular AK Side Rail

New Optic BelOMO PO 3.5x17P

AK74 5.45x39 Quad Stack 50 round magazine

Optic Chart

PK series Red Dot battery test COMPLETED September 4th 2012
Two optics have reached 3600+ hours, PK-A Venezuela and PK01-VS, both BelOMO red dot sights...

1: Chinese PGO for the RPG rocket launcher
2: Bulgarian PGO-7
3: NPZ PGO-7

4: PK-23 blinking red dot
5: PK01-VM
6: PK01-V
7: PK01-Vi
8: PK-A Original
9: PK-A Venezuela
10: PK01-VS
11: 1PN58/NSPUM Night Vision
12: 1PN34/NSPU Night Vision
13: Kobra EKP-8-02 Gen 2
14: Kobra EKP-1S-03m Gen 1

15: PK-AS
16: PKS-01

17: 1P76 Rakurs
18: NIT-A
19: PK1/1P63 Obzor
20: PO 3.5x21P2 with NPZ mount
21: PO 3.5x21P
22: PO 3.5x21P Venezuela

23: PO 4x24P
24: PSO-1 from Izhmash
25: PSO-1 from NPZ
26: PSO-1-1 from NPZ

27: PO 3-9x24
28: Chinese JJJ PSO type optic for NMD86
29: 1P29
30 1P78 Kashtan
31: Romanian LPS/TIP2 PSO type optic
32: POSP 4x24v

33: POSP 4x24v AA battery model
34: POSP 8x42
35: Zeiss ZFK 4x25
36: MP4-20 spotter scope
37: yM8 spotter scope


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