VZOR-1 by ZenitCo

MMW named Vavilov, logo
ZenitCo has earned quite a reputation in the Russian operator community for making bullet proof AK and SVD rail kits, lights and lasers, and has a robust following in the US as well. I personally highly recommend their rail systems for AK rifles and have used them for a long time on my AK105.

Recently they started producing their own micro red dot called Vzor-1, similar to an Aimpoint T1 style optic, and they are available for purchase. I don't have this optic yet but am trying to see if I can locate one for review

VZOR has three reticule modes based on a circle/dot pattern similar to an Eotech, but similar to the Kobra the user can select between reticule modes. The dot is 2 MOA and the circle is 34 MOA

Battery life is 60 hours at max brightness with circle + dot and 1 year at mid level brightness with just the dot. This is very similar to Aimpoint battery life on mid brightness settings. The dot is red in color and is not etched like the PK-AS even though the official company photo may make it seem that way

The kit comes with a number of risers, spacers and mounts but not everything listed below. Watch the ZenitCo unboxing video for specific details

VZOR is designed to work with Western Picatinny mounts or the Russian BASIS system, which is similar to MLOK

And of course we have Anastasia, PR Director for ZenitCo. She does a really good job representing their company and their YouTube channel, and explains VZOR-1 in detail
(Video embedded in photo)

Stay tuned for a full review and write-up