PK-42 by BelOMO

MMW named Vavilov, logo

BelOMO has listed PK42 on their site for a long time but I have not been able to locate one to review. However, in late 2017 a good friend of mine acquired a non working demo model that I was able to borrow and get photos of. It seems that unfortunately the battery exploded in this unit and is stuck in the compartment. I doubt this one will make it back into life which is a shame

First off PK42 is without a doubt the largest and heaviest red dot in the entire universe, that much I am sure of.

I thought the early gen 1 BelOMO red dots were heavy but I could forgive them due to age. PK42 however, is a monster and is clearly intended to be used by Swedish power lifters who pull buses with their teeth

I do not have an official explanation on why it is so large but my immediate thought is that it is designed for a genuine heavy machine gun like the 12.7 DShK or Kord. Not much else makes sense to me based on the size and weight, which comes in at 23.5 ounces without battery or side rail mount. Physically the PK42 is almost as large as PO 3.5x21P and almost as heavy with a side mount like NPZ. I am honestly quite surprised by the size because I have never seen anything like it in all the years I have been shooting and collecting optics. The BelOMO stock photo does not give any indication of actual size either so when I opened the box I was speechless for a second.

On a side mount it's heavy but it's not quite as bad if you attach directly to a top cover mount like the ZenitCo B33. The relatively high mount of the optic also does not lend itself well to rifles IMO, which further increases my thought that it is designed for a crew served weapon

Construction appears be tank like and I think it can take some abuse. Finish is the same classic BelOMO black that you find on most of their modern optics

This is an interesting optic and I wish the unit was in working condition so that I could get photos of the reticule pattern and test to see if it's NV compatible. The on-off / illumination dial is not marked but it has 9 distinct clicks which are very crisp and feel quite good, not spongy or indistinct

The optic is Weaver/Picatinny compatible and uses two simple knobs to tighten. The emitter is on the bottom and the unit takes a single AA battery

I am really glad to be able to get some in person photos of it
Shown here on the SGL31 with ZenitCo B33 topcover

On the NPZ rail

Elevation and battery compartment



PK42 mount does block the irons in all cases

This would be the reticule view if the optic were in operational condition. FOV is quite large needless to say

Mount base is Weaver/Picatinny compatible

PK42 compared to the lightweight RS-M, also by BelOMO

Comparison to the massive PO 3.5x21P. BelOMO seemed to want a red dot to compete with PO 3.5

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