PKP-2C and RSP-1 Periscope by BelOMO

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Another very interesting optic is this periscope red dot. I do not have much information on this either, only that the periscope may be able to rotate for left or right hand shooting. This is a non magnified red dot intended for counter terrorist units and can be fired from behind cover as shown. Originally an LEMT subsidiary optic this is now on the main BelOMO page as well.

Update: RSP-1 has entered serial production and is available in the US, and I was able to take a look at both RSP-1 and PKP-2 firsthand. RSP-1 appears to be an updated version of PKP-2 by combining the rotating assembly of PKP-2 to the robust PKA Venezuela body. While PKP-2 appears to remain a prototype only, RSP-1 is actually available for purchase (though rare and expensive).

I was loaned PKP-2 and it is apparently the same one in the photo above, possibly the one and only prototype of the model. PKP-2 is based on the PK01-VS and is essentially the same optic with the addition of the periscope. It functions by using a set of mirrors to reflect the dot into either the primary ocular lens or to the rotating periscope ocular. This is done by flipping a switch which causes one ocular to become opaque and allow the view through the other. I would speculate that based on the serial number of the PKP-2 (100012) and the first two prototypes of VS that came in (100006 and 100009) that these three were made at the same time, probably a small batch of 15-20 total.

PKP-2 on the 74M

RSP-1 appears to be identical to PKA-Venezuela including the distinctive hammer grey finish. The main difference between RSP-1 and PKP-2 is weight and eye relief with RSP-1 being heavier at 27.8 ounces vs 20.3 for the PKP-2. RSP-1 periscope extends about 1.4 inches past the dust cover toward the rear of the stock, PKP-2 is about 1.8 inches giving it a shorter eye relief. It appears that the periscope assembly adds about 7 ounces to either base optic. Absolute cowitness is still present with both types but I found that when shooting through the periscope it was trickier to get low enough to see the do on the front site post. I believe this has something to do with the reflection of the image in the mirror when using the periscope view.  


Normal sighting view

Periscope view. While you obviously cannot get a shoulder tuck using the periscope it should be effective for 100m shots with ease due to the friendly nature of 5.45. This optic was not zeroed at the time of the photo and for safety reasons we did not shoot with it, but after finger banging it for a while I have every confidence this will work as advertised.

PKP-2 and RSP-1 on AK105s. Here you can get an idea of how far back each extends.

If you measure by the two arms of the mounts you can estimate how far back the PKP-2 will be compared to RSP-1 (1.4 inches past dust cover for RSP-1 and 1.8 for PKP-2)

Family view:
Comparison of RSP-1 and PKA Venezuela (top)
PKP-2 and PK01-VS (bottom)

Opaque lens view

The dot appears the same regardless of which ocular is it viewed through. I found that PKP-2 was not as bright as PK01-VS but RSP-1 was every bit as bright as PKA Venezuela.

As with PK01-VS vs PKA Venezuela I favor the PKP-2 over the RSP-1 mainly due to weight. RSP-1 has a bit of heft to it at 27.8 ounces but while noticeable it's not unmanageable. When it comes to PK01-VS and PKA Venezuela I happily recommend them both and if PKP-2 were also available I would recommend them equally even though my preference is slightly toward PKP-2. Overall there is functionally no difference between the two other than weight.

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