Venezuelan PK-A by BelOMO

MMW named Vavilov, logo

This is probably the newest BelOMO optic available in the US and one of the first that I know of that has been adopted by a foreign army. These PK-A's we see in the States are from a recent overrun of a Venezuelan military contract.

From what I can see these optics are not directly related to the PK-A original but instead seem to be a new type of optic that is different from most everything I've seen. The body is not like the PK-A original which is actually based on the PSO series, and it's not clear why they are designated PK-A at all since they don't have much in common with the original. The Venezuelan PK-A's closest relative may be the PK01-Vi but I'm not completely sure yet, it's definitely different than any of the PK series that I've handled. 

Other differences from PK-A original is the use of the BelOMO locking mechanism vs the Universal version of the SVD mount, 3600+ hour battery life and a much brighter maximum intensity setting. PK-A Venezuela has a lower 1/3 cowitness with the iron sights and weighs 21.7 oz.

Currently these optics are in service with the Venezuelan Army alongside the PO 3.5x21P magnified optic. More details will be posted as they become available but one thing is clear to me, PK-A Venezuela is one of the most modern and well designed combloc style red dots on the market...far superior to older models that we are more used to in the US.

On the SGL31 / AK103

Compared to PO 3.5x21P

On the S12

The dot is very easy to pick up in bright light. This photo doesn't do it justice

Lower 1/3 cowitness

In Venezuelan Service (From

With MVD during competition

Though called PK-AA by BelOMO, the actual Venezuelan units are marked PK-A

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