Battery Test 

Max Brightness Test Completed 9/4/12

The test was started on April 1st at 09:00 CST (Not an April Fools joke) and ended on September 4th. 

PK-A Venezuela lasted 157 days at maximum brightness before the battery finally died.
The runner up is PK01-VS at 153 days. Both of these are AA powered optics and are two of the most modern ones that I know of.

I have to say I'm surprised at how long these two optics lasted at max brightness. My previous experience was that most of them seemed to die  around 4-5 days but it's pretty evident the power technology has dramatically improved in these latest optics.
As I always say I still prefer the collimator types over the red dots but these two are very impressive to say the least. Both are rare but I'm hoping we may see them imported more regularly in the future.

*My Kobra was not tested due to circuitry issues. (PMBiker's test from is HERE)

PK-A Venezuela - 157 days / 3768 hours (AA)

PK01-VS - 153 days / 3672 hours (AA)

EKP-1S-03M - 37 days / 900 hours (AA)

PK01-V - 21 days / 500 hours (AAA)

PK-AS - 125 hours (CR357 / DL 1/3N)

PK01-VM - 120 hours (AA)

PK-A original - 96 hours (CR357 / DL 1/3N)

PK01-Vi - 96 hours (CR357 / DL 1/3N)

PK23 - 80 hours (CR357 / DL 1/3N)


The test began Sunday 4/1/2012 at 09:00 AM (CST / GMT-6), this first run is for MAX brightness

Batteries used are Duracell 3v DL 1/3N Lithium Battery Model 10315 (CR357 style), Duracell AAA Model MN24000 and Duracell 1.5v AA Model MN1500 (good old copper tops). The plan will be to check the brightness twice a day and record the results.

After the max brightness test is complete I'll try to run it again on about 75% brightness and see where they end up. The optics are being left in the garage and subject to daily temperature changes. While I don't count this as field conditions it's better than sitting in the house under air conditioning all day.

Test includes these optics:

DL 1/3N models

PK-A  (Original grey model)

AA models
PK-A  (Venezuelan grey model)

AAA model


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