PK01-Vi by BelOMO

MMW named Vavilov, logo

PK01-Vi is a relatively new optic from BelOMO. It's powered by type 357 watch batteries or DL 1/3n camera batteries with a life of approximately 96 hours at maximum brightness during continuous use. Weight with mount and spacer is 20.4 oz.

With spacer above clamp as it comes out of the box. This will put height about the same as Obzor.

With spacer removed for a lower profile

PK01-Vi can be removed from the mount and used on top covers for example, here shown on AKARS top cover rail

Compared with other PK01 series
(Top left PK01-VS, PK01-VM, PK01-V and PK01-Vi)

What appears to be Vi on this AK74

BolOMO lists this as VA on their website but the optic is marked PK01-Vi

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