PKU-2 by NPZ

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While BelOMO has been a prolific red dot and collimator producer, up to this point NPZ has only produced collimators like Obzor, Rakurs and NIT-A. I have not seen any tube style red dot optics from them until now

Enter the PKU-2, which is an
AimPoint micro style design with a 2 MOA dot and 12 brightness settings. I believe this is NV compatible as well, and fills the same role as the many other micro red dots on the market. I am not aware of PKU-2 being awarded a GRAU number, and have no information on whether it has been tested or accepted by any military or police force. I have also not seen any photo evidence of it in use or in service yet, since as of March 2017 it is still a very new red dot

My sample was purchased in mid 2016 and appears to be an open box demo model that has seen a lot of handling and use. Because it was not a NIB purchase it had some minor issues with the battery cover not seating fully which led to brightness issues, and
I have not done a full fledged battery test on it yet. Since I am back in the US full time now I have had a chance to fiddle with the battery cover and believe the PKU-2 to be working properly, so will likely schedule a test in the near future

First impressions are good despite the wear and handling of my unit. The base mount is solid and locks up tight. Height is a shade lower than my T1 on the Ultimak, and all controls have positive clicks. Seems to be well built and a sturdy design. The dot on mine is very bright on setting 10, but at 11 and 12 it turns off completely which makes me suspect these two settings are for night vision. Setting 1 is visible with the naked eye and probably too bright for NV

On the SLR104FR with Ultimak

Dot view

Side by side with AimPoint T1 / Larue QD. AimPoint on the left and PKU-2 on the right

Here you can see PKU-2 with stock mount sits just a hair lower than the T1

Top view

Base mount comparison to Aimpoint T1 with Larue QD mount. The standard mount on the PKU-2 is quite good but the screw pattern will not allow aftermarket mounts to fit. The AimPoint screw pattern is longer than the PKU-2 pattern and the screw holes will not line up

Ocular lens

Objective lens is coated

Comparison with Trijicon MRO

With RS-M

It appears that since initial production in 2016 through 2017 NPZ has already changed the optic a bit. Most markings are removed, with the model and serial being relocated down to the bottom of the mount. A quick disconnect version also exists

Photo's courtesty of BA Distributor from

QD version. Photo courtesy

My PKU-2 was an early demo model and has been handled and probably mounted numerous times. Both the optic and the box have plenty of wear to show

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