RS-M by BelOMO

MMW named Vavilov, logo
This is a new and interesting micro red dot which is sturdier and tougher feeling than most I have seen on the market. First impressions of RS-M are quite good and I like this more than the other BelOMO offerings to date, and it is immediately tied with PK01-VS in my mind.

The RS-M is heavier than other micro red dots by a couple ounces, coming in at 6.3 on my scale. The extra weight is the sturdy mounting system and what feels like a cast iron optic body. I feel like you can throw RS-M like a grenade and take someone out by impact alone. It's a tough little chunk of metal. The paint is similar to PK01-VS and has a rugged feel to it.

Elevation and windage clicks are positive and feel good. They do not have caps and are adjusted by a small flat head screwdriver.

I have not had time to do a battery test as of March 2017 but will gather a few of the new optics acquired in 2016 and do a fresh test of those soon. RS-M takes CR2025 batteries but I do not expect it to last as long as PK01-VS. There are 11 brightness settings and it looks like setting 1 or 2 may be NV compatible. I am unable to see the dot with the naked eye in the dark on settings 1-3 FWIW but have not been able to test with NVGs yet

Showing pushbutton mounting mechanism and windage adjustment

Battery compartment

Objective lens is coated

Dot appears to be 2 MOA or so

RS-M unfortunately does not use the AimPoint micro screw pattern and aftermarket mounts will not fit. This clamp is extremely firm however, and feels quite well made

Top left RS-M compared to other similar MRD and collimators

Comparison to PKU-2

RS-M shown here on the amazing ZenitCo B33 topcover

This is my preferred rifle combo for RS-M, an Izhmash SGL31 tacticooled out with a bit of ZenitCo gear. Height over dustcover on this one is 1.75" which is quite comfortable

On the venerable NPZ AK mount

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