This is one I have hunted after for many years but could not find due to how uncommon it is. PK01 is an older optic from BelOMO that has a relatively rare light sensing ability to automatically adjust brightness. While the auto brightness feature definitely works I can't say I've had time to really get to know this optic. PK01 is not related to any other optics named appears BelOMO has a habit of using that designation for a wide variety of optics it produces that are all different from each other.

Compared to Western optics and many modern Russian types PK01 is relatively heavy at 9.3 ounces. It also has a fairly pronounced tube effect but can still be shot with both eyes open. I have to say I prefer most of the modern designs over PK01 original but it's an interesting add for the collection. The only place I've ever seen it advertized is EastWave but it's been out of stock since I first saw it there.

On the AK105 with RS Regulate AK mount

Elevation, and to the right of it the battery compartment and on/off switch

Light sensor. This unscrews and can be removed


On the SGL31 with MI Rail

On the B33 ZenitCo topcover

While this picture shows the PK02/PK23 dot, this is basically how PK01 looks


September 2017, I randomly came across a video of PK01 Original being used by special forces or police units from the Republic of Kyrgistan in a promotional video. Note the AN94 as well

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