ZFK 4x25 4.0x Magnification

Designed for the East German AK74N, the Zeiss ZFK 4x25 is a cold war optic using a German version of the PSO SVD mount. Originally tritium illuminated, the versions in the US have had it removed and are non-illuminated daylight-only optics. They have a good FOV and amazing optical quality. The optic sits high enough to use the irons while mounted but because of that you won’t get a cheekweld with it, as usual it will be more of the classic chin weld common to the PSO style (though the Zeiss isn’t actually a PSO copy, it’s just similar in position due to the mount). This is one of the brightest optics I’ve used with really good glass quality as you would expect from a Zeiss. FOV is as good as any PSO but not as wide as the more modern PO 3.5x21p or 1P78 Kashtan.

I’m happy to say that it’s everything I thought it would be and more, in actuality this is the nicest combloc optic I’ve handled - bar none. Fit and finish is flawless and the seller must have kept it in a museum…there’s not a mark or scratch on it. It’s so nice I wonder if I should even use it now… it’s definitely a testament to quality German engineering.

Zeiss ZFK 4x25 Manual



The ZFK was previously tritium illuminated but they have been deactivated prior to importation. It is not clear if they can be relit.


Comparison to POSP 4x24 and Romanian LPS/TIP2


Theakforum.net member acarpenter has a great East German clone with the ZFK

On a Vepr 5.45 converted to RPK74M. This is a handy combo and has become my new favorite optic for this rifle.

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