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After many years of drooling over this optic they have arrived in the United States as of 2016. Originally I saw this optic back in 2010 on LEMT's website and later it was added to the parent company BelOMO. I have wanted it ever since.
While there were some reports that PK01-VS entered serial production and was in service in Libya and then Syria, there are still no accounts of PO 4x17 in service that I know of yet. However, because of the way BelOMO markets optics these would not be in the US right now if a military contract had not been fulfilled somewhere. Normally only a few prototypes float around until a military contract is procured so when you see them for sale in the usual outlets it likely means they are in serial production on a large scale.

This is basically a magnified version of the PK01-VS optic, and PO 4x17 every bit as good as its red dot counterpart. Fit and finish for both is the same as are the windage and elevation controls, battery compartment and variable power illumination.
The optic is illuminated (red) with 8 intensity settings and runs on a single AA battery. It appears to be way too bright on setting 1 for NV optics however. The scope I have is calibrated for 5.45x39

PO 4x17 avoids a common complaint of Combloc optics...namely that they are too tall and/or too heavy. With this fantastic little weaver package mounted to a top rail cover you have the ability now to get an optic about as low as practically possible on an AK, and with a good side mount like RS Regulate you will save weight too. By itself PO 4x17 weighs 15 ounces with battery, and on the RS mount weight is 18 ounces. You will be very hard pressed to find a lighter and lower over bore optic. By comparison PK01-VS weighs 14.4 ounces

Hands down this should be a must have for any AK74 owner who wants an authentic and very functional magnified optic. In all my years of writing about combloc optics I have not seen anything with the total number of advantages of PO 4x17 and it has immediately jumped into my top 3 list of best magnified optics to own. When zeroed properly this has the 400m zero built in and has appropriate BDC for 5.45x39

I have been wanting this optic to come in forever and am thrilled to see it here at last.

Update March 2017: Voron Review - exclusively for RussianOptics.net

Shown here on the RS Regulate mount with a POSP modified eye piece, objective sunshade removed and no rubber lens cover. Height over dust cover to center of ocular is 1.25 inches and combined weight with battery is 18 ounces

On the AK74M with RS Regulate mount. You can move the PO forward or backward on the RS mount to adapt to your personal preference

With factory rubber eyepiece, sunshade and rubber lens cover

Shown here on the ZenitCO B33 topcover. I do not think there is any possible way to mount a magnified optic lower than this combination. My PO will be pulling duty on the SGL31-94
Height over mount is .75 inches

Shown here with PT-3 ZenitCo stock

As it comes out of the scope pouch with sunshade objective extension, objective cover and modern rubber eye piece. Personally I do not care for the factory included eyepiece and so cut down a POSP eyepiece to replace it, as well as removing the rubber objective lens cover and sunshade. 

On the AK105 with NPZ side rail

Factory photo from BelOMO. Note the turret cap that does not exist on the production model

Calibrated for 5.45x39 and includes the standard range finder as well as a width based range finder. The optic is zeroed POA = POI with the boresight cross at 100m, the next line is 200m and the 3rd small line on the boresight cross (just above the main chevron) is 300m. Then you use the large chevron at 400m, the next mark under the chevron is 500m and the next hash is 600m (first hash under the chevron) and then the range marks are listed 7, 8, 9 and 10 for 700-1000m

With this reticule pattern you can accurately aim from 100m to 1000m with a dedicated range line for each 100m

In 2022 AKFiles.net member Lemonysword acquired a PO 4x17 with 5.56x45 calibration. You can see the reticule pattern is different than 5.45 but should be effective. I prefer the chevron and 100m boresight cross but this reticule will be more in line with what Western optics typically look like

PK01-VS red dot optics share a similar body

Shown here on PKM with what appears to be PK01-Vi mount. This is likely to be the same mount you receive if you buy the PO 4x17



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