PO 4x24P2 by BelOMO

Originally only seen in the US as a prototype Weaver mount optic, there are now AK mount versions arriving calibrated in 5.45x39 and a few super rare versions in 7.62x39. I rate this in my top 3 modern magnified AK optics .. Kashtan, PO 4x17 and PO 4x24

Previously PO4x24P had become my favorite BelOMO 5.45 optic (and was only replaced in 2017 by BelOMO's new PO 4x17). Glass quality is and still is as good as PO 3.5x21P but the unit is much lighter and more streamlined. FOV is not as wide but is still quite good.

Until the arrival of PO 4x17 I believed PO4x24P2 was the best AK74 optic produced by BelOMO and is in the same ballpark as 1P78 Kashtan. I still firmly believe 4x24P is a close equivalent to Kashtan. They are not an apples to apples comparison but in terms of weight and size they are very close. PO4x24P is a tad lighter at 23.5 oz vs 1P78 24.0 oz

(Original text) Around 2011 the optic had only appeared in prototype numbers and there were only two or three in the United States at taht time. They were aimed at 5.45 military sales but so far there is no indication they are in service.

This is a great field of view optic with excellent glass quality, though FOV is not as large as PO 3.5x21P
. Despite the prototypes being Weaver mounts they were not much lighter than the massive PO 3.5x21P, being only 5 ounces less with NPZ mount (total 31 ounces, vs 36 for PO 3.5x21P)

PO4x24P2-01 AK Mount with prototype Weaver mount (Shown on Midwest Industries rail)

PO4x24P uses the PO 3.5x21P standard AK74 reticule with additional width based range finder. Note the boresight cross for 100m zeroing and the large chevron for primary aiming that automatically includes the 400m zero concept

Calibrated for 5.45x39
and includes the standard range finder as well as a width based range finder. The optic is zeroed POA = POI with the boresight cross at 100m, the next line is 200m and the 3rd small line on the boresight cross (just above the main chevron) is 300m. Then you use the large chevron at 400m, the next mark under the chevron is 500m and the next hash is 600m (first hash under the chevron) and then the range marks are listed 7, 8, 9 and 10 for 700-1000m

With this reticule pattern you can accurately aim from 100m to 1000m with a dedicated range line for each 100m

There are few rare 7.62x39 versions of PO 4x24P
Shown here on AK103

Comparison of PO 3.5x21P (top), PO 4x24P Weaver on NPZ (left) and 1P78 Kashtan (Right)

Shown here with the NPZ mount

Weaver version comparison with PO 3.5x21P. Weight is similar with the mount added in, but PO4x24P AK mount is actually much lighter than either of these

SGL31 with NPZ mount

RPK74M with Alpha mount

On the AKARS rail

An interesting combo, PO4x24P-2 on the ZenitCo B33 top rail will cowitness with the Trijicon RMR08


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