New optics from BelOMO

MMW named Vavilov, logo

Feb 2020
There are a few new optics listed on their website lately. COD2 is relatively older and I have been aware of it for many years now, but RS-H and SCL100-65, as well as RS-C are all pretty recent additions. I have only just now seen CODM2 on the market, as well as the very new RS-C. My sources connected to BelOMO have said that RS-H and SCL100 are not currently for sale but they expect to see them in 2022 sometime

Additionally, there is a new optic that I have seen in a single photo of Belarusian SF during training that appears to be from BelOMO, but because of picture quality I don't have a clear idea of what it is (or even if they really produce it)

COD2M is basically a PO 4x17 style optic with a red dot on top, probably similar to RS-M with just a single 1.5 or 2 MOA dot. I don't have any evidence yet that it will be like PK06 or Kobra with multiple reticule choices

Here is the unknown optic type, probably from BelOMO, that looks like it might be RS-M with a modified body, or possibly even RS-H shown above

I am not sure if or when these optics will come on the market but I will definitely be trying to do a review if they do appear

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