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 PO 3.5x17P is a modern optic produced by BelOMO -- Belorusskoe Optiko-Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Belarus Optical & Mechanical Enterprise) in Minsk, Belarus. This is a new optic that has only recently made its way into the US. At the time of this writing (Jan 2014) I believe there are only a few prototype/sample units in the US but there are rumored to be more coming.

First impressions are good and it looks like a well built optic. Though it is 3.5x and appears to be a similar size, it is not related to the PU sniper scope originally made in WW2. The PO3.5 is a one inch tube compared to the 26.5mm of the PU so mounts will not fit without shims of some form. Also while looking similar to the PO4x17, the PO3.5 does not use the body of the PK01-VS series and has a different finish on it. Optical quality is good but naturally field of view is not as dramatic as PO3.5x21P.

As you can see from the pictures the included mount has a place for laser pointer. I am not terribly impressed with the factory mount and I get the impression it's probably intended to be replaced once received by the end user. I've ordered Molot low rings to try out on this optic, when combined with the Alpha rail this should allow the irons to be used while the optic is mounted. The NPZ rail is slightly off center to the left and makes using the irons tricky, but the Alpha is true over the center and facilitates irons assuming the optic mount does not block the view (as it does with the factory PO3.5x17P mount)

On the SGL31 with NPZ side rail mount.


PO 3.5x17P is battery illuminated like most BelOMO optics.


On the RPK74M. This is a light and handy optic well suited for this application.

From BelOMO


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