KHPm by BelOMO

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Another very useful device is the iron sight boresighter from BelOMO called Коллиматор Холодной Пристрелки (прицелов), or KHPm for short.
KHPm stands for (
Collimator (of) Cold Zeroing (of) mechanical (sights)

Like the OVU-1 boresighter, KHPm is a factory designed device intended to allow you to quickly get a zero on any AK pattern rifle but KHPm intended for iron sights instead of optical sights. It comes with a 7.62 and a 5.45 cam and works in a similar manner by inserting into the rifle muzzle, then taking a firing position on the rifle to view down the iron sights. Simply line up the standard iron sight picture with the boresight cross on KHPm and you are done. In my experience so far at 100 meters this has given a near perfect iron sight zero each time and works for any AK or SVD patter rifle we have tried

Unfortunately this seems to be one of just 2 or 3 in the US since 2013 when I first acquired it, but I am always hopeful that BelOMO will import more

Out of the pouch KHPm comes with an industrial strength front site tool. I simply can't believe how well built this thing is and how well it cranks even stubborn front sight drums.

 Insert either 5.45 or 7.62 rod depending on what rifle you are zeroing

Close up of the 5.45 rod. It is held in place by two tension screws

How does KHPm work?

KHPm is inserted into the rifle muzzle and as mentioned the shooter takes a firing position on the rifle to view down the iron sights.
It will almost be like looking at a red dot on the end of the muzzle but instead of a dot the shooter will see a white background with a cross.
The shooter lines up the correct AK iron sight picture and then sees what that looks like in relation to the cross. Irons should be adjusted until the sight picture has the boresight cross resting on top of the sight picture as shown below

KHPm is parallax free meaning you can rotate it in the bore and the boresight cross will still remain vertical and in alignment with the bore. This means KHPm will give you perfect sight alignment each time even if not perfectly positioned in the muzzle.

What the shooter sees

What the sight picture and boresight cross should look like (bottom graphic)

Light enters KHPm so that the boresight cross is visible but you are not actually looking downrange through the boresighter


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