Browe BTO 

While being impressed with the Trijicon TA31GH and using it as one of my primary Go-To optics, I also was intrigued by the designer of the ACOG and his new company called Browe Optics. He has improved on the design, or it may be more proper to say that he has taken the design in a direction that makes sense on evolving technology and his vision for the optic.

The BTO is naturally very similar to an ACOG but uses the battery powered Single Intuitive Control (SIC) for the illumination instead of tritium. The light sensor for automatic brightness is inside the scope body meaning it senses the actual light reaching the shooters more fiber optics and no more burnt out retinas (or tape over the fiber optic as so many have to do). The automatic light sensing capability works quite well but you also have the option to have a continuous steady illumination of the reticule. Watch out though, on maximum brightness the BCO is also ridiculously bright. I do believe you could see the reticule while pointed directly at the sun.

BTO Optical quality is very good and the body is heavy duty aluminum similar to the original ACOG, while the BCO (Browe Combat Optic) uses titanium which is heavier but supposedly more sturdy than the ACOG. BTO sits even lower than the ACOG when using the RS Regulate AKOG mount. This is quite simply the coolest Western optic I have ever mounted to an AK. I will continue to use the ACOG but am quite happy to have the BTO alongside it.

Browe BTO (top)
Trijicon ACOG TA31GH (bottom)
RSRegulate Side Rail

Closeup showing the body and SIC button. No more taping off the fiber optic or worrying about the tritium fading away. Personally I don't worry about that on any of my optics, Russian or American, but battery power is a simple way to guarantee illumination without needing a re-service.

With the Wolverine PBS-1 on the AK105

On the AK105

I'll post more photos as I get range time with the optic and will be doing a review as time permits


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