Soviet Era Gen 1 and 2 Night Vision by NPZ

MMW named Vavilov, logo

NSPU-M/1PN58 Gen 2 from

Despite being large and old, the 1PN34 and 1PN58 have proven to be a great additions to the collection and perform very well in the field. I've used both to hog hunt here in Texas on several occasions and they've been very useful in all but the darkest conditions. While cumbersome they are both effective from a fixed position and have been a lot of fun to use. There are definitely more modern NV optics out there but I have been happy with both.

1PN34 on NDM86 (Top)

1PN58 on Tiger (Bottom)

Boresighting with OVU-1

1PN34 at 100 yards

1PN34 at 300 yards

1PN58 at 100 yards

1PN58 at 300 yards

1PN34 and 1PN58 have been seen in the recent 2014-2015 Ukrainian-Russian conflict


1PN58 shown here without the lense cover

NPSU/1PN34 Gen 1 with typical kit and transit case

Like 1PN34, 1PN58 comes similarly equipped 

On the SGL31


1PN58 on 1988 AKS-74N

1PN34 (Top) and 1PN58 (Bottom). Lense cap on both is removed for nighttime use by twisting clockwise and pulling out. The cap has a diopter that can be clicked incrementally to increase daylight visibility but the cutoff mechanism will immediately turn the optic off if too much light comes in. Do not take the cap off during the day or you risk burning the optic out.

Not the best picture due to the daylight filter being on. View through the 1PN34 is much better at night without the filter cap on.

The nice thing about 1PN58 is that it is a 6v system and works perfectly with 2 CR2 batteries taped together. They wedge in the compartment nicely. Positive polarity is down (+)
Original dry cell on right

1PN34 is more difficult and requires a AA battery conversion, however this is a common conversion for many scopes sold in the US. It also makes no permanent modification to the scope

Unknown conflict and year, possibly Chechnya

Also unknown, likely Syria

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