POSP 4x24 with Simonov Reticule Page

POSP 4x24 with Simonov Reticule

Manual with instructions on zeroing

POSP on Dragunov.net

Examples of PSO and POSP on military rifles

This optic will work nicely on an SGL21 or most any 7.62x39 AK with a side rail and is a great value for the price. Note that the POSP has an MTK83 mount which makes it compatible with most AK rails. Normal SVD style mounts will not fit because the optic has a rivet in front the prevents it from mounting to a standard AK rail. Vepr rifles typically have a center groove similar to the SVD rail but most other AK's do not.
See the concepts page for more detail

POSP 4x24 with SVD mount is compatible with Veprs and other similar side rails

Chevrons are calibrated at 200 and 400m for 7.62x39. The turrets are calibrated in MOA and do not specifically correspond to 7.62x39
Range finder is for 1m high game shown from 100m to 400m

Example of POSP 4x24B (V in English) on left compared to Chinese JJJ PSO type optic and Izhmash manufactured PSO-1 from the SVD rifle

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