Arsenal Inc, Bulgarian SLR105A1 / AKS-74N

My SLR105 started life as a fixed stock A1R model and was soon converted to AKS74 folding stock. This rifle has been a stellar performer and has lived up to the old Arsenal Inc reputation of having been the king of the high end AK game. I have over 10, 000 rounds through the pipe and no malfunctions of any kind, other than a few light primer strikes that caused FTF. The rifle was smooth as butter out of the box and never needed any kind of break in to work properly. I have run this rifle through classes and tons of range drills and until very recently it was my go to work horse. I can't say enough about how good this rifle has been for me. 

2017: Acquired an original fixed stock SLR105 to go with my original SLR105 I had converted to a folder back in 2005

These would be considered early 80s pattern AK-74N and AKS-74N rifles

2005: Out of the box with NATO fixed stock, the now defunct Znich tactical light and
PK-AS. Here you can see that even way back in 2005 I liked the tan double buckle Afghan slings

With PO3.5x21P

With EKP-1S-03M Kobra, SVD cheekpad and grenade launcher buttpad. This is actually a super comfortable rig and works really well in dynamic shooting because the pad gives a better grip than the smooth triangle stock does.


PGO-7B (Bulgarian)

I actually wish I had not sold these Ironwood HGs and Chinese fat PG. This stuff was damn sexy
With PK-AS


Romanian LPS/TIP2. Note the SVD base has been swapped for an MTK83 AK mount similar to BP02

In the old days after I converted it to a side folding AKS-74 I went through a tactical experimental phase. This was about 2007-2009 or so and I really enjoyed the variations

SVD cheekpad with just a bit of tape for a shim. This works really well and is a quick way to make a rifle more comfortable with optics
. The pad can be rotated out of the way for irons as well, but you can only do that a number of times before you need to add a bit more tape.

I am actually a huge fan of the Ultimak gas tube with a simple red dot and flashlight. I do not run this configuration these days but have a lot of experience with it. It is highly effective but you have to accept that the gas block will not be as clean as it could be because if remove the Ultimak you will have to rezero the optic.

For chest rigs I start with the warbelt concept as the base of my rig and then add either an SVD chest rig or an AK74 rig as necessary. My warbelt is an LBE with two HSGI Taco mag pouches, a SMERSH butt pack and an SRVV medical pouch along with dump pouch and two old Army canteens. IO reload the 74 from the tacos and then refill as necessary, or reload directly from the UW chest rig. It's not as fast as the Tacos but works well

UW Gear AK74 rig in SURPAT (This is the older Minute Man 3 style)

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