Russian Molot VEPR-12 Shotgun

The Vepr12 is an amazing shotgun and while I do really enjoy my Saiga12 and have had it for far longer, the Vepr12 out of the box is a better built gun. Molot manufactures the RPK military rifle and has a reputation with the civilian Vepr line which is phenomenal and for good reason. The guns are free of manufacturing defects, have a higher QC and are almost always put together with more care and attention than many AKs. This is what you expect from a factory gun and Molot delivers. Saiga's often need tuning

I bought my Vepr12 as a fixed stock model right before the pinned folders came in. I am ok with that as I prefer the 5.5mm folding hardware over the Vepr folding hardware both in function and looks. This particular Vepr has an incorrect 5.5mm SVDS folder mounted however this is by far my favorite stock and functions really well. The cheekpad is useful when shooting a 12 gauge and it's actually quite fun for shooting clays as well.

A side note about the magical Vepr12 self regulating gas system: It isn't, it's actually overgassed to a certain degree in order to ensure the weapon runs low and high brass.

Shown here with X300 light and Trijicon RMR08.

Saiga12 with Rakurs (top), and Vepr12 bottom

8 Rounders:
Molot (Left) and Izhmash (Right)

The mags are not interchangeable, though they can be with slight modification to the Molot lugs


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