Russian Izhmash SVD - Tiger

I have owned the Chinese NDM86 since 2005 and have had a total of three over the years including the 308 version. In all that time I did not have a huge interest in the Tiger because functionally they are the same rifle as the NDM86, minus a few cosmetic differences and manufacturing details. As prices climbed from $1500 to $4000+ they became even less attractive since I already had my well seasoned NDM, but in 2016 I decided to pick a Tiger up anyway. After being patient and with a little bit of luck I found a Tiger that fit my budget and my feature needs with the right accessories

This particular Tiger has been modified from factory import configuration by having an adjustable gas regulator installed as well as the SVDS style flash hider and black polymer furniture. I am really enjoying the shorter barrel compared to the NDM. The balance changes a bit and it feels sort of like the difference between the AK105 and the fullsize AK74M.

Have not grouped this particular rifle but in my experience Tigers are more accurate than the NDM86 out of the box and react well to quality ammunition a bit better, IMO.

I am especially enjoying the PSU 1 or 4 optic even though it is calibrated for 5.56.

With NPZ PSU 1 or 4x (Russian Elcan) and MP4-20 spotter scope on the NPZ SVD rail

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