Arsenal Inc, Bulgarian SLR107UR (7.62x39 AKSU)

This was a great rifle and quite a joy to shoot, and the impact of 7.62x39 out of such a small package was always a lot of fun.

The 107UR was definitely one of the more interesting rifles I've owned and I had a great time experimenting with it as well. See below for my favorite color scheme

I sold it to a good range buddy when I got out of 7.62x39 and concentrated only on 5.45x39 rifles.

First ever SBR that I've owned back in 2008, with Aimpoint T1, G2 light and Samson AKSU lower HG. Also the nifty Hungarian 20 round tanker mags made this is a really compact package

Close up of the Samson rail

 Masquerading as a 5.45 AKSU

With Chinese NDM86 (Top) and Russian Tiger (Bottom)

By far my favorite iteration of this rifle was the tan camo scheme. This was a simple rattle can job and my first ever break from a simple black rifle. It was quite a liberating experience and one that I will certainly do again
I used a Konus MRD which in 2009 was one of the very first Aimpoint knock offs / budget MRD. I still use it today on other rifles and it has served well.
The one thing I ended up not caring for was the Samson railed HG. When the rifle got hot the lower rail would shift side to side a bit. Not enough to affect function but enough to where it became annoyingly loose. I certainly wouldn't trust it for field work or carbine classes. Also moved the G2 light to the other side where it was more comfortable. I use a mag hold which is why the light cap is in the particular position that it was.

TT-MAV and HSGI Tacos mag pouches. There really isn't a better mag pouch in my opinion and they work for a huge range of weapon types without modification

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