Chinese Norinco NDM-86 / SVD (Early Style)

The NDM86 is the Chinese version of the Russian SVD rifle and is patterned after the early SVD design. These rifles were manufactured by Norinco and about 500 were brought into the US. Around 1000 NDM86's in .308 were also brought in and over 2000 Tigers. Lastly there are 101 KBI full length Russian SVDs in the US as well as a number of bring backs from various conflicts.

I bought my first NDM in 2006 in 54R, and a second in .308 the same year. Eventually I sold them both because the timing and prices were right, but not having an SVD in my life proved to be too much strain and I purchased another one in 54R in 2006 just a few months later. I've had this rifle for over 10 years now and have over 4000 rounds through it. I had the original terrible Chinese refinished redone in Duracoat and have been quite happy with it. 
Around 2009 I switched from laminate to polymer and never looked back... unitl Nov 2016. Found some great NOS laminate and got nostalgic.
My NDM is definitely a shooter and the polymer is more durable at the range or when hunting. There is a difference with the larger buttstock area in the polymer stock and the recoil is a bit softer. I have used this rifle on numerous occasions to hunt here in Texas which is the hog capital of the universe. 

Left: SURPAT custom rig from UW Gear
Digital Flora Chamelion SVD Chest Rig

Chest Rigs:
Top Digital Flora Chamelion
Left: SURPAT custom rig from
UW Gear
Right:Multicam Chamelion

Original Chamelion with MP4-20 Spotting Scope
This pouch is definitely designed for the MP 4-20 and is NOT for flares or another PSO-1 optic

Closeup of the UW Gear custom SVD chest rig. Includes two SRVV SVD single mag pouches attached to the molle points
. The guys at UW are some of the nicest people I've met in this business and really have their act together. Their attention to detail is fantastic and their gear is by far my favorite. Here is the review I did on their forum back in 2012

Shown here in admin/range mode. A utility pouch in the middle for tools and three SRVV single mag pouches added, for a total of 13 mags. I would not use this in the field however. It's a bit cluttered and I don't like the bungee method for the two extra pouches.

I combine my SVD and AK chest rigs with my old school Army LBE and switch out depending on what training class or rifle I am involved with. Shown here with two HSGI Tacos for the 5.45 mags, SMERSH butt pack and SRVV medical pouch in SURPAT

UW Gear AK74 rig in SURPAT (Top)

Beez Combat Systems SVD Rig based on the Chamelion, shown in ATACS camo. Good rig but in the end I didn't care for the open top mag pouches.

Same BCS rig design in SURPAT. After using this configuration I did not like the admin pouches in the chest area and went with additional mag pouches instead.

Modern Chamelion in digital flora
. The MP4-20 pouch has thankfully been replaced with Molle

However in November 2016 I bought another and surprisingly it had the MP4-20 pouch again


And the SRVV SVD pouches:

(OD pouch is actually SPLAV, another Russian gear manufacturer)



Some rare-ish SVD pouches I've been looking for, might as well throw these in while we’re talking about SVD pouches and chest rigs. I actually like these quite a bit. These were part of the original SMERSH system in OD, but now with a little hunting you can find these and SMERSH in other colors. ANA is another high quality Russian gear maker and they have picked up this design as well


SPOSN SMERSH SVD pouches and SPOSN 2x SVD mag single pouch

These do seem to fit US LBE pistol belts easily, it's tight but you can get them wiggled on if you need to. Each pouch holds a total of 4 SVD mags and 2 grenades


For reference SMERSH is an LBE style webgear basically inspired by the older USA LBE/ALICE system but with some changes from what I can see. One thing that SPOSN is good at is not reinventing the wheel…if a proven system works they don’t have a problem using it (from the US LBE gear to former German SS camo patterns, they don’t seem to mind where things originate) and when the produce it the gear is high quality and well made. I’m tempted to pick to pick up a full set of SMERSH SVD gear but I haven’t yet since I still have my perfectly functional LBE from my Army days. It’s interesting enough to make me consider it for the collection though so we’ll see.


Pack can be moved from the back to the waist and there are modern versions in newer color patterns also, also additional manufacturers. I would stick with SPOSN/SSO or ANA only for these purchases. The basic rig can be configured for AK/RPK, PKM or SVD pouches (Shown here with SVD pouches similar to above)


A very very rare scope: Izhmash actually manufactured PSO-1 for a period of time

The Phostest with the mostest

Always fun to shoot with irons at 300 yards

Marco Vorobiev's 2011 Behind Lines Winter Class

And again in 2012

Doc Feelgood doing his lefty shooting

Hanging out on the bus

Back in 2006 up around Hutto Texas

SLR105 with PK-AS and Znich tactical light next to the .308 NDM (And my Army Platoon Sergeant's Argentinian Mauser)

Original Chinese finish and Chinese laminate

Back when SVD laminate was less expensive you could get old beat up sets and have them refinished

This is actually also refinished laminate, not original Soviet finish. Amazing results and I still miss this furniture because it went with this rifle when I sold it
With BelOMO POSP 8x42. I prefer 4x24 for any practical use except bench shooting for groups. 8x is too restrictive of a field of view if you have to engage targets rapidly. The POSP is a great optic however and extremely well made.

With original Chinese PSO and Russian bipod

7N1 sniper ammo crate and ammo

SVD is 48" long and needs a suitable bayonet

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