AR15 Rifles

Well it's true

After nearly 12 years without owning an AR15 I decided to put one back in the collection, as well as send off for a form 1 to try out a few different SBR configurations

I dabbled with the Ruger SR556 Takedown for about a year and while I really liked it (and the ability to QD barrel change between .223 and 300blk) I ended up having more fun with my Form 1 Noveske lower. I sold the Ruger to a better home and concentrated on AR SBRs, which go without saying as being a hell of a lot of fun

Also snagged an ACR and discovered that rifle is also a ton of fun. Very smooth shooter indeed and fun suppressed

(More pics to follow)

TA31GH, DD upper, Mini 4

And I am definitely enjoying the 16" Larue PredatAR in 5.56. Superb shooter and quite a lot of fun to shoot

Shown here with Trijicon Accupoint 1-8 and Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1 suppressor. This was a good day at 300 yards

Old Ruger SR556 shown here with the amazing IOR Valdada M2 in 223. This is the Romanian modernized PSO sitting in Larue LT808-30 30mm rings

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