Russian Izhmash SGL31-68 / AK-74M

This SGL31-68 is a FIME import rifle and does not have the Izmash triangle in the trunnion like the SGL31-44s, 84 and 94s did. While this has a folding stock I have only recently acquired it and do not plan on making this a full AK74M clone like my other two SGL31-44s which are AK105 and AK74M project rifles.

This rifle is intended to be my tacticool chassis so I can fool around with rails, lights and other accessories like ZenitCo as well as various Western night vision configurations

I have been extremely impressed by the ZenitCo gear, particularly the B33 topcover assembly and have been waiting to return to the US to put it through it's paces. In 2017 I was home and have been doing a lot of tinkering with ZenitCo setups

SGL31-94 with Mini 4 and Kashtan 1P

AK105 with Griffin M4SD-K and 1P87 + 3x Jupiter magnifier
Both with RS Regulate BM1 light mount, X300 and ZenitCo B10 lower HG +B33 top cover

With TNVC Omni VIII L3 PVS14 and Ops-Cor bump helmet

With PO 4x17

With RS-M red dot

With AAC Mini 4 suppressor, Griffin 24x1.5 adapter, DBAL A3 mounted to RS Regulate BM-1, ZenitCo B10+B33 topcover and Kashtan 1P optic
Trigger is an ALG AKT-E (Now called AKT-UL)

AAC 51T Brakeout 2 QD with Griffin 24x1.5 adapter. Please be careful and understand that all components MUST be loc-tited or they will walk off during shooting and risk baffle or end cap strikes

**Verify concentricity before attempting to shoot**

I used 13/64" x 3' Grade A2 Steel Precision Drill Rods which are perfect for 5.45 rifles, available from They also have rods that work for 7.62 rifles

You need to get used to what concentric looks like as the position of the rifle will cause the rod to tip from side to side
I recommend to check this about a zillion times until you are comfortable with what concentricity looks like and then check yourself a few more times for safeties sake

Please note I do not consider this concentric enough to shoot - this is a photo demonstration only. You want the rod to have an equal amount of space around it and this needs to be done on a very flat surface. It takes time to get used to what it should look like

With TA31GH ACOG and X300 on the BM-1 mount
This setup is effective but the ACOG is a bit far forward, and when the PVS14 is mounted it loses a bit of the bottom edge of the FOV due to being slightly different in height than the ACOG

Good news is that I was able to verify POI is the same with or without the PVS14 (or very close in a worst case scenario).

ACOG is completely usable but you have to push your nose forward on the topcover a bit to get in there with full FOV. The rifle could use a remote pressure switch for the X300 and the DBAL, but since this is for hog hunting primarily and not I'm not going to be an operator anytime soon I am not in a hurry for the remotes

ACOG mount is the GDI low mount

This is a TNV/PVS-14 L3 Gen3 OMNI VIII tube. While I love the PVS14 quality (and especially TNVC's customer service), I am not a huge fan of the weapon mount itself and do not like leaving it semi-permanently mounted to the top cover. It's a solid design but unfortunately blocks irons and is not QD itself. The PVS14 is simple and quick to remove however but my personal preference would be a completely removable system that leaves nothing on the rifle

I am extremely happy with the PVS14 and TNVC however. Very very happy with the experience and really damn impressed with the tube. Like really damn impressed

Additionally, when the PVS14 is removed from the rifle and headmounted, the position of the ACOG works well enough to shoot through the PVS14. I would say it takes some practice with the PVS14 for sure but the combination works

TNVC PVS14 weapon mount on the ZenitCo gas tube rail.

This will work reasonably well with Kashtan 1P however the difference in POI when the PVS14 is removed makes this unusable if you want to switch between a daylight and night setup on the fly. In my testing the difference was about 4 feet in windage and 2 feet in elevation between them

Kashtan 1P would be slaved to the PVS14 in this configuration which makes it less flexible than I would prefer, but it does work if you wanted a dedicated combo

As expected this is a highly effective combo: Aimpoint T1 plus PVS14

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