MMW named Vavilov, logo
This is by far one of the most amazing night vision optics I have seen to date. I was fortunate to acquire this WPA branded PN22K over the summer of 2017 from a source here in the States and was not disappointed by the performance. PN22K runs very close to PVS14 under all the conditions I have tested it in so far and it has been a strong performer when almost all other Russian NV devices fade away as conditions worsen. Only PN23 and my TNVC PVS14 L3 keeps stride with this optic but in my opinion PN22K performs better without illumination than PN23 does without illumination.

Review coming soon

AK mount shown. This is compatible with the PSL, Vepr and SVD pattern rifles as well
PN22K can swap the base to a Picatinny mount if required (see below)

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