Arsenal Inc, Bulgarian SLR104FR (5.45x39)

I bought this rifle specifically because I wanted to add an Ultimak rail and run a simple red dot setup. I have been a fan of this configuration for a long time and have used it in several classes years ago, but reverted back to the side rail optics because I didn't want to keep a rifle dedicated to the Ultimak.

Changed my mind and decided that I missed this setup and with the excellent SLR104 on the market I picked up a second hand rifle for a good price.
The advantage of the Ultimak is a proven rock stable mount great for a red dot and a flashlight, but the disadvantage is you can't remove it without losing your zero and it makes the gas block harder to clean and inspect. All things considered I am quite happy with this setup

Shown here with Aimpoint T-1 on Arms 31 mount with Surefire G2 light and a VLTOR offset scout mount

Closeup of the VLTOR mount. Note that the VLTOR uses a very similar locking mechanism as the MI side rail

With a custom made SURPAT UW Gear chest rig and ANA DigiFlora Tacos


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