Bulgarian AK74 Under Folder

I first saw a conversion like this back in 2010 at a local gunshow here in Texas. Previously I had liked underfolders because they have a cool funky retro look but had not had a reason to own one since almost all are 7.62x39 guns. After seeing a Bulgarian 5.45 kit using an underfolder I was very intrigued. Eventually my shooting colleague Nictra had one and after handling and shooting it I was hooked.

This particular rifle is a complete Bulgarian kit with Russian furniture and assembled by Mario at Piece of History Firearms.
Being who I am (The guy who created an entire website for AK optics) it's hard for me to live without a scope rail
on any rifle...but the 74UF has been such a cool addition to the collection and I am happy with it as is. I regularly shoot irons with my AKs and NDM86 but always make sure I have the option to add optics. This is one exception I am quite happy with.

UW Gear AK74 rig in SURPAT

With SLR105 and AKSU

Design downloaded from free website templates.